Enmity In The Lord Jesus Christ

Wifey v. Husband...there is no victory...a wifey versus her husband...there is no victory. The most destructive spiritual weapon of warfare satan and the demons have in their arsenal...divorce...has been unleashed. Placing a loving wifey and her beloved husband at enmity with each other. There will be no winners no matter how sweet your share of the bounty becomes. There will be no victors no matter how sweet your share of the wealth splits. The richness of the biological family in this life has been lost. A Testimony of Regret has formed...bad decisions have lead to more bad decisions...the internal pain is in endless supply. The demons dance in delight while satan's smile is sinister. Hate seductively and powerfully overflows love. There's a season for everything...now is the season for payback...and she will return her pain to him ten fold.

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  • If divorce happens, I feel, is worse than death. Death is final; the END; Life on earth, is over, as we have come to know! Admittedly, mistakes are made, promises broken, but there is always: But, we can “weather the storm”. We can go to counseling, say all the I’m sorry, and the chance, the one chance to make it right again. We can weather the storm, if we have the fighting strength and the abiding love for one another to work and pray, pray and work at our love and relationship like no other, if our love for each other and love for our family is worth fighting for. I say TRUE LOVE CONQUERS ALL.LOVE does not disappear in a moments notice. No, it doesn’t disappear, unless it wasn’t there to begin with. We call on the wedding vows, if not too many years ago. It seems like yesterday. We must remember you accept each other for better or worse, in SICKNESS and in HEALTH. We take the good with the bad, with the sickness, and not with sickness. All these go together to make the perfect union of that man and that woman to love, honor, and cherish, as long as both shall live. No, if all these are present, the word forgiveness comes into play. I feel, a person can forgive and strive to be the person you once were. You might not forget what may have happened, but forgiveness is embedded in the souls of humans. THE GREATEST OF THESE IS LOVE, and LOVE CONQUERS ALL!!!


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