Hero In The Lord Jesus Christ

Daddy...Hero...Superman! Depending on your perspective, depends on your perception! When my wife looks at me she sees her Superman...a strong, fearless, defender. When my boys look at me they see their Hero...an amazing, loving, guardian. When I look at myself I see Daddy...an important, vital, protector.

My two precious boys don't want to walk this path. My two sweet boys don't want to travel this road. My two beautiful boys don't want to go down this route. They need their Hero back...they want their Hero back...their Hero will come back and never leave or forsake them.

What satan has designed and influenced for evil, God has used for righteousness. Satan and his demons seek the destruction of my family, my wife and my boys, by family separation. Satan's most destructive force is the dissolution of the family structure. But, God...is involved...the Lord Jesus Christ. When God is involved miracles occur and the impossible happens. God is all-powerful and will hold Godly families together. Seek Him and wait on Him for He alone will rescue in the most desperate circumstances in the final hour.

My boys didn't chose to be taken away from their Hero...the most important and influential person in their lives. But, this is where my decisions have placed us. But, God...is involved and He alone has strengthened me and continues to strengthen me daily. They expected me to fold, buckle, and collapse...they expected me to get mad, upset, and frustrated...they expected me to retreat, fall, and crumble. They don't define me...God Defines Me. Give them credit...they caught me off guard, their well designed, planned, and executed blitzkrieg caused me to stumble and forced me to disappear. I didn't realize who or what I was up against and they won the battle I didn't even know I was in. But, God...is involved and as they claimed victory and celebrated their victorious defeat the Lord Jesus Christ was working. I am telling you, the reader, the Lord Jesus Christ began to raise me, rebuild me, and reshape me from the ashes into a brand new being...and I Am Still Standing In Christ Forever!

The temporary victory satan achieved on Monday March 22nd at 4pm led to the Lord Jesus Christ claiming Eternal Victory on Friday March 26th at 5:03am. The Lord Jesus Christ dealt with my paralyzing depression, crippling anxiety, and unrelenting addiction and restored within my own heart His spirit, His love, and His joy. I'm a thousand times the man I was. I'm determined to be ten thousand times the man I ever was. I'm determined to become a hundred thousand times the man I ever could have been without this tribulation.

Satan would like me to war against myself and fight against my own, but I refuse to create a testimony of separation and destruction for satan and his demons. I am in the care of the Lord Jesus Christ and I serve Him not satan. Satan provides the easy way out...the Regrettable Way. But, God...is involved and seeks an Eternal Testimony...the Way, the Truth, and the Life. Where we are...extend your hand and walk with Christ toward the testimony He seeks...for that is what I am doing...I just need you to extend your hand too. (Matthew 11:28-30)

I am her Superman...I am their Hero...I am just Daddy! No one will change those three aspects of ME. I will remain in the Lord Jesus Christ for the remainder of my days and I will trust Him and wait on Him to supply my every need. I don't know how, or when, but my boys will gain victory in the Lord Jesus Christ.

Dear Reader, please pray for my family and the Godly restoration there of. I have prayed for you. I pray you would receive the Lord Jesus Christ as your own personal savior. Eternal life is found in Him alone and He desires a personal relationship with you. He deems you so valuable He sent His only Son the Lord Jesus Christ to die for the forgiveness of your own personal sins. He has completed the work on the cross. There is nothing remaining for you to do, in fact, there is nothing you can do. His love for you is so strong and He desires for you to spend eternity with Him. Salvation is found in Christ. 'Enter In At The Straight Gate.' The scriptures say, 'Enter In', not walk by, not stand and look, not get close, not peer inside, not place your hand on the door...the scriptures say, ENTER IN (Matthew 7:13-14) for Jesus saith unto him, I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me. (John 14:6)


  • I really like your writing Matt. I’m guessing it’s very therapeutic for you. Prayers for you and your family for reunification and healing

  • Something to hold on to, the Eternal testimony of life. Your on the train of life. It starts slow, picks up speed, and hard to stop. God and your boys should be on the same train of life with their family structure and their Daddy. Its all about Gods plan, puff. Then comes eternal life.

    - Dad May 25, 2021
  • Eternal testimony, body and mind on that train track, full speed ahead. No better place for Boys to be but with their real Daddy, the family need to be together at all times in their life.

  • Matt that was very inspiring & spiritual. There are alot of women & children in this world that need a husband, father & man like you in their life.

    Rob crouch
  • “If God is for us, who can stand against us?”Romans 8:31, my favorite verse. Seems to me you’ve completely embodied this. Nothing can stand against you with God involved.


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